VBS Autodialer

For years, small to mid-sized businesses have had to depend on call services and very expensive specially designed systems to handle phone broadcasting, from verification of health-care appointments, political campaigning, telemarketing lead generation, debt collection, to merchant order pickup and event notification. Unfortunately, most of the systems today were built with large call centers in mind and can start at $10,000 or more, putting them out of reach for most businesses and organizations, until now. The VBS Autodialer by VoIP Business Solutions is suitable for anyone who needs automated phone
messaging solutions. From the smallest businesses and individual users on up, the VBS system is a full-featured industrial-strength autodialer that does what you need at a fraction of the cost. This incredibly easy-to-use, yet powerful software package completely eliminates the tedious and error prone human labor of repetitive phone calls while freeing up your staff to work on other tasks. It is so cost-effective that it will pay for itself almost immediately. It’s so simple that you can set it up in minutes. With the VBS autodialer, voice broadcasting to a large group over the phone has never been easier. Simply create your call list by exporting names and numbers from your favorite CRM software package, spreadsheet, or text editor and select your voice message, the date of the calls, and click upload. The system will take care of the rest.


  • Web based interface allows for easy point and click access
  • Support for Answering Machine Detection, adjust values to suit your needs
  • Opt out option by pressing touch tone key, transfer to live person
  • Auto retries for busy line, no answer
  • Access the Autodialer remotely for employees that work at home
  • Resumes call automatically next day if call list is unfinished on previous day
  • Allows for unlimited call lists with unlimited phone numbers per list
Use for:
  • Confirm appointments
  • Send out reminders
  • Provide notifications and announcements (sports teams, political campaigns, etc)

Auto DIaler