VoIP Business Solutions, LLC has developed an enterprise-level, PBX server monitoring system for Asterisk servers. VBS has implemented over 800 different metrics that are monitored across the entire system. The system watches everything from disk space usage to the number of calls that are placed on hold at any given time. The system scripts are spread out every minute, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, etc. and normally take only a couple of seconds to complete. It’s not uncommon for a single script to return over 100+ results to the server in just 3-4 seconds. If any metric goes above a preset threshold, an alert is generated, and VBS is notified right away. If a service or program stops running for any reason, the monitoring system attempts to automatically restart the program on its own. In almost all cases, if a program stops running, it will fix itself and continue on.

“This system can save a company many hours of troubleshooting and by doing so, more than pay for itself. You can start off monitoring with a set of basic metrics and then add to them as your needs change. We have worked very hard to make sure there is no load placed on our customer’s server” said Catherine DiGennaro of VoIP Business Solutions, LLC .

To learn more about the system, contact VBS at 240-215-3479 or info@voipbusiness.us

About VoIP Business Solutions, LLC

VoIP Business Solutions is a provider of enterprise pure IP telephony solutions for small to midsized businesses. VBS voice systems provide customers with a number of key benefits, including ease of use, manageability, configurability, and lower total cost of ownership than alternative “closed” solutions such as Alcatel and Lucent. Our software and hardware architecture and “best of breed” solutions extend enterprise-class voice services to offices of any size, keeping employees fully connected wherever they go.

For more information, visit http://www.voipbusiness.us or call 240-215-3479.

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