Why Use VOIP?


VoIP delivers a communications solution that can span multiple locations, simplify interactions, increase productivity and boost customer satisfaction. Our VoIP solutions enable effortless communication with seamless dialing across the enterprise, as well as clean transfers, conferencing, pick up, park and intercom between sites.


VoIP utilizes the benefits of open source software and ensures maximum reliability. Unlike many other vendors, VBS systems are based on the Linux enterprise operating system, known for its reliability and low cost maintenance.


Since VoIP turns voice packets into data, voice and data networks can be converged into one network, hereby reducing labor and equipment costs.
VBS solutions can save you up to 90% more than other commercially available PBX systems.
A single PBX server can be located at headquarters and have all VoIP phones at the satellite offices connect to the central server. Extensions at all locations can be dialed as if they were in the same physical office and only a single server is needed, resulting in significant savings.


Caller identification and voicemail, took decades to design and deploy. With VoIP, new calling features, or voice applications, are easy to build and refine. Companies are realizing the potential in utilizing VoIP as another data application and are integrating their existing applications such as customer databases, into their VoIP services. VoIP Business Solutions PBX server integrates with several commercial databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Custom scripting can be written in any programming language such as PERL, PHP, C, and Java.
Large PBX vendors such as Nortel, Lucent, and Siemens can no longer dictate to the customer what features they provide.

Customers were forced to accept whatever these vendors offered in their proprietary and closed systems. With VBS’s open source solution, you get one of the most configurable systems on the market. Virtually every aspect of the system is customizable.